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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cornyn on Presidents Immigration Plan  CSPAN  February 14, 2018 9:21pm-9:37pm EST

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and with that bipartisan code for my -- compromise in the fate of the american dream lines in our hands. i was at a funeral yesterday in vermont for my wife's uncle and her parents who flew in from canada. my grandparents come from italy my great-grandparents come from ireland they all made such a mark on our little state and all for the better. and how proud i am to stand here on the floor of the united states senate. i want to vote for a bill to
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help more people like that come to our country. mr. president i suggest the absence of a quorum. >> led by the chairman of the senate judiciary committee, senator grassley introduced a bill to introduce the daca issue we have heard so much about. as well as border security. it is a good starting point. i am about to be a cosponsor called the secure and succeed act but the most important thing about this bill is it actually has a chance to become law. because the president supports it and encompasses the four pillars that the president has laid out for us with any solutionnd to the daca challenge. secure and succeed act as a path to citizenship with
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1.8 billion people meet that criteria of those people of daca that is way more than president obama's executive order. this president would say to those 690,000 daca recipients not only will you have a better andam brighter future that this president has offered all of those people eligible that have previously signed up that same opportunity. with an extraordinarily generous offer. this bill also provides for border security that they have always told me our essential boots on theno ground and some infrastructure with enhanced
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forced injury. and the president likes to talk about the wall roughly 2006 and 2007 called the secure fence act. and then then he supported the secure fence act as to the overwhelming majority from senators of both parties. talking about the wall he made pretty clear a barrier to say you have to see through it with border patrol and it doesn't make any sense at all to have that barrier that is
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why technology and boots on the ground are so important. and in a way that is fair the categories and then to get ten years i am proud to cosponsor this commonsense solution and other colleagues have been working hard on their ideas one group i haven't heard from much from the democratic colleagues who literally shut down the government to force this debate on the time that they chose still trying to figure out you one when you shut down the government but you wanted aro time certain with a fair process by which to present your ideas. here it is on wednesday with
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the clock waiting for the democratic proposal. what is their plan? when they leading us in the dark? in trying to stop scoring political points that is the way to get this done. people can offer amendment to get 60 votes in p the senate and then up to the president to decide whether to sign it or not but he has given us the outline of what he would find acceptable so that is extraordinary in and of itself. the majority leader made a
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debate to be -- live up to the promise we cannot let it go to waste because each minutes and each hour that comes off the clock that is more and more likely to happen. all of this would go to waste. the country is watching and daca recipients are watching an worried worried about what their status will be when the program ends march 5. and then as a teacher getting a masters degree and from brownsville texas near the border and it daca recipient after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer he decided
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he wanted to be a doctor and was accepted into texas medical schools and was not sure if he would be allowed to attend. worried about his future and then another in houston texas graduated from high school with honors and she paid her way through community college and works as a manager at a construction company and on throne photography business. she said i am not looking for any kind of recognition or sympathy. i just want to make a difference and inspire others. she is also looking to live in peace and the only country she has ever known that she calls home.he she came to the united states at four years old and finally
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a man for the first name of daniel from the university of north texas with a degree inib advertising and contributes productively to society he came from mexico at the age of two and set all the choices i make i make as an american because that is what i am. as we listen and consider the legislation if people are tempted with political grandstanding and gamesmanship that sometimes overwhelms our best intentions. these are reall human lives hanging in the balance. and they teach us about the real people behind the policy. but their stories are not the only ones to listen to we need to listen to the men and women waiting patiently for years to come here in a legal way with
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a green card to join their families here in the united states the old-fashioned legal way having to wait years or decades. and listen to the stories of the border communities that i to represent in texas many of whom are of hispanic origin suffering property damage. illegal immigration is an ugly business when you consider the drug cartel and transnational criminal o organizations one of the military leaders who is responsible for southern command said these transnational criminal organizations are commodity agnostic. they don't care if it is people or drugs with victims
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on human trafficking. and those are thriving. and make sure that continues to be the and we do not punish children for the mistakes of their parents will not punish the shown people to become part of the communities. and as real tangible harm and
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property and with the border patrol it is hard to see how many more resources we need for situational awareness along the border. in the federal government has failed to live up to its responsibility. so taxpayers in my state have to fill the gap with leadership of the federal government. following those parameters the president has laid out that is why during this debate it is an essential piece of the puzzle.
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not only with the ports of entry but mexico is one of the largest trading partners to go back and forth acrosse the border to support 5 million american jobs. the cartels have figured out how to exploit that as well because of antiquated technology at fort of entry they are vulnerable to the importation of drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin and we need to do more and better those ports of entry so we can interdict more of them. again the border is as varied
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with mountains and rolling hills o and technology has transformed our way of life. and with the border patrol thinks there is in urban areas you may only have a few seconds before they crossed theni border and large open areasps without infrastructure is not as important. for those who think it is as easy as 123 to do it my
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colleagues have done is travel. and to see firsthand why it is crucial with that technology and infrastructure that is ungrateful to the president. so we have an opportunity to address not only the anxiety but also make the country safer and to accelerate of those outside of the country and with the role of the dice and theee diversity lottery with the job -based skills and
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graduate degrees and those in addition to winning the lottery.ta we don't have any time to waste at all. >> and to talk about the topic of the week as many of us in this body has been addressing this over the last 20 years and with the immigration issue. and does not need to meet the needs of the economy. it isn't j


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